Start Are piercings intimidating

Are piercings intimidating

You won't leave the best first impression if you glance right away when she meets your gaze – uncertainty and shyness won't do you much good to impress her.

Gradually, start to do it with other people and see how they react.

With time and patience you will feel more relaxed creating and maintain this kind of eye contact.

The eye glare, an unflinching, squinted stare squarely in the eyes gaze is a very powerful tool of intimidation even in adults.

To sum it up: the body language of eye contact is your friend – learn how to use and read it.

I know, it's not easy, mostly because the eyes seem to have a mind of their own – either they just stare and you can't get them off, or on the contrary, you just unable to hold your gaze when it's a necessity. you will find yourself much more at ease in company of strangers, you won't feel the need to hide away your glance and others will start to trust and like you more.

You may also find it's the type of communication you truly crave for in a relationship.

Like the dominant gaze, it's more than just a physical "trick" – it has a lot to do with how you feel inside.

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