Start Boundaries in dating by dr henry cloud

Boundaries in dating by dr henry cloud

We try to get over hatred because we have seen the destruction that it causes.

Those who have good boundaries have transcended the need for revenge.

Their first goal is to make things better for the other person or group. That does not mean they have no interest at all in their own benefit.

In reality, though, hate is one of the most important aspects of being human.

It is one of the most crucial ingredients of a good person’s character.

Revenge is for immature people, and they know that ultimately the offending person is going to get what he deserves without his needing to bring it about. “Well, if I don’t, Jean will get mad and say that I don’t love her.” I was beginning to get the picture. When we possess our bodies, we know they belong to us.

Life has a way of making that happen, as does also the natural law of sowing and reaping. “You mean that you promise to do anything Jean wants? We can feel them, we can own the pleasure they bring us through our senses, and we are in touch with them.

But even this ultimate payback is not something that those with healthy boundaries wish on another person, and that is the true hallmark of their character. To invade another person’s body, to cross over this person’s boundaries, is the most basic act of abuse.

They truly want the best for others, even those who do not do well by them. The first effect of a crossover in body boundaries is that the person whose boundaries are crossed feels more like a thing than a person.

It did not mean that people were not angry, it just meant that the people weren’t given Such answers were pretty much what I expected, and they are probably typical of those most of us have when we think of hate.

When we think of “hating well,” it seems like an oxymoron to most of us.

We don’t really need alcohol, street drugs, or sex. However, we really do need relationship, and we cannot live very well without it. Curing addictions requires a return to sensitivity and humility. In the alcoholic home, if a spouse chooses not to limit her drinking, this is their responsibility.