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Brighton dating romances romances brighton marriages

Love had blossomed between Prince William and Kate Middleton at St Andrews but then foundered a few years later. Although a relationship involving a future king makes the circumstances extraordinary and unique, there is one dimension that millions of people can relate to.

My immediate post-university marriage ended; so did that of my second wife's - ours lasted 35 years till her death from cancer. Amongst her close girlfriends at university, three married after graduation and were single again within five years.

Amy Jenkins, creator of This Life, which for many BBC viewers characterised post-university life, believes the odds are stacked against such romances surviving.

"You're probably too young to settle if you met at university," she says.

(I'm in Germany now, he's still in Nebraska, USA....) WJD, Formerly of Cambridge, UK I met my husband at University (I was in my first year, him is his 2nd), we got married last year (on our 6th anniversary).

Yes our relationship has definitely changed and it made sense to wait to get married but I love that we have been together from a young age, and my fond memories of university are a result of sharing it with him.

We are now 31 and 32, have been married for 3 years, and have a gorgeous 1yr old boy.

In the last 12 years we have admittedly had our ups and downs, and are now both very different people than we were at University.

David Skene-Melvin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ours is surviving so far. Dave, Warrington Happily married to the man I met at university 12 years ago... I met someone at uni, and was with them for nearly five years but in the end after uni we wanted different things.