Start Command qsave updating indexes for block model space

Command qsave updating indexes for block model space

(No more need for my tool ;-) You have also much more control of the hatch origin now.

Sheet and Sheet Set information/properties can be published to DWFs.

Eattext can grab block attribute data from Sheet Sets. Sheet Set Publish Options dialog has been modified to also include block properties and attributes in published DWF files. The option "Rename Associated Drawing File to Match Sheet Title" changes the drawing file name to match the sheet title.

The Create Sheet Set Wizard has an option to "Create a folder hierarchy based on subsets.

There is a new little button on the Sheet List tab that lets you refresh the sheet status.

Observe also the improved formatting that allows to convert from mm² to m² as well as adding prefix, suffix and more.

The e Transmit Transmittal Setups dialog box has a new Import button that opens the Import Transmittal Setups dialog box.

It's also possible to easy remove and add islands as well as view the current selection even on existing hatches.

The dialog box has been streamlined and is more intuitive now.

To open a sheet or resource drawing in a read-only mode, right-click the name of the sheet and click Open Read-Only on the shortcut menu.

If the sheet or resource drawing is already open, the Open Read-Only shortcut menu item is unavailable. You now receive visual notification if sheets in the Sheet Set are not found.

Here is how it looked like in 2005 and now in 2006.