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Consolidating loans through aes

Then-CFPB director Richard Cordray told reporters, “Navient has systematically and illegally failed borrowers at every stage of repayment.” Navient’s response was that the lawsuit was “unfounded” and “politically motivated.” (See Why the Feds Sued the Biggest Student Loan Lender.) As of August 2017, a judge had ruled against Navient’s motion to dismiss, and the case was in the discovery process of gathering evidence.

When you add in private student loans, Navient becomes the largest servicer, so it isn’t surprising that it receives the most complaints.

Regardless of the company, consumers most commonly complained about their interactions with the lender or servicer.

Washington borrowers have experienced so many problems that the state attorney general filed a lawsuit against Navient in January 2017.

Illinois also filed a lawsuit against Navient in January 2017. The CFPB also filed three lawsuits against Navient in January 2017 for misallocating customers’ payments, steering borrowers into expensive repayment plans in order to increase the company’s profits, giving borrowers incorrect information and ignoring borrowers' requests for help – practices the company is alleged to have engaged in since at least January 2010.

Navient has also been fined millions for violating laws about how much interest it could charge active-duty military service members.

Navient isn’t the only servicer that has been sued.

The website found that Navient was the most complained about in every state and Washington, D. SLR also determined the percentage of each state’s complaints that were about Navient.