Start Dating groups yolk

Dating groups yolk

We’re starting off with an extremely traditional favourite here.

As much as some people think that the salted egg trend is completely overdone, it really does look like it’s here to stay.

What I want to know is when will it reach it’s powdery, umami fingers out west?

As a born and bred Malaysian, I have seen the rise of the salted egg yolk first hand.

The sauce is cooked with curry leaves (which studies suggest are totally good for you) for fragrance and birds eye chillis for a spicy kick in the teeth.

Salted egg yolks are being slathered, stuffed, coated, and drizzled over anything people can get their hands on.

Here, I have a list of 20 salted egg yolk dishes that are rocking the Asian foodie-sphere.

Stuffing a salted egg yolk (or in this case, two) in the center of the cake symbolises the moon. A dim sum table staple, this beautiful steamed bun oozes a sweetened salted egg yolk custard that WILL get all over your fingers.