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Voldemort must be defeated before the end of the fifth year.

", "Time Travel Shoujo ~Mari Waka to 8-nin to Kagakusha-tachi~", "Kuromukuro", "Flying Witch", "Soushin Shoujo Matoi", "Re: Creators", "Knights & Magic", "Made in Abyss", "Konohanakitan"" multi-chapter storied are on hiatus for the undetermined periods of time. IMPORTANT: I still have no idea when the inspiration to write the sequel for "Ronin" will visit me.

I (still) just have neither time nor inspiration to write those... : Due to now using white lists to permit/deny the usage of external links, all of mine have been moved to a secure location: FJ5o AU-w Bu Fz Xwx OKf Dvx-m A2MKiqgof_vlp V7Ttk/edit?

Naruto must be human with no bloodlines (well, as human as one infused with modified tiberium can be). Accepted by Psudocode Samurai: "The King of the Green"Crossover challenges: "Naruto" & "Daiblo III" & "Diablo II":1 : Naruto/Demon huntress or Naruto/Demon huntress/fem-Necromancerbackground info: Civilians went behind Hokage's back and hired a Demon huntress to kill Naruto when he is 10.

Shinigami must heal Naruto's body when it frees the boy. What if one of these survivors was a mother of raikage's attendant Mabui? On the other end of the elemental nations Naruto is thrown out of Konoha by the machinations of the council after he failed the genin exam for the second time.

Necromancer is good (as in keeping balance between Life and Death), but the Demon huntress doesn't like her at first.

Eventually the girls will get on with each other (maybe even some F/F action). And is not paired with Ginny (we have enough of her as it is). Additional 'bonus' if one of the girls is Narcissa, Su Li, Susan, Daphne, Astoria, Katie, Alicia or Angelina.

This fast maturing happens only after he flees Konoha as his body doesn't need to constantly heal wounds any longer. Naruto's elemental affinities for the story are Wind and Water. Crossover challenges: "Naruto" & "Claymore":1 : Because he was at a wrong place at a wrong time - at Uchiha compound during massacre - Naruto gets thrown into the new world by Kamui jutsu. Actual plot and at least 30 000 words for the story. As the little jinchuuriki wasn't careful, the ball fell down and broke.