Start Fear of intimacy and dating

Fear of intimacy and dating

But as the saying goes, sometimes you really do need to feel some pain in order to find pleasure.

Maybe we have let our real selves out to others in the past, only to find that they didn’t accept who we were, or maybe we let ourselves be real, and the relationship just didn’t work out for other reasons.

The result of either situation is often pain and heartbreak.

It’s hard to have an intimate relationship with someone who is keeping things from you.

Keeping parts of your personality hidden from someone with whom you are in a relationship makes them feel disconnected.

It’s in our human DNA to not only want to be liked but to be connected and loved as well.

The problem arises when you want to form an intimate bond with someone, yet you are unable to let go of the fear that holds the real you from others.

If you can’t be your genuine self and allow someone to see all sides of who you are, then they aren’t really having a relationship with you; they are having a relationship with someone who you are not.