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It is undesirable even if you can verify that the URL used is not spoofed.

In one such profile case -- Podesta emails leak John Podesta even failed to purchase $15 key for two factor authentication for Gmail.

Podesta also made a very common and stupid mistake -- clicking on the links in email, especially emails with security alerts is really reckless.

But we now need to understand that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are no different.

But after Snowden revelations the usage of Facebook/Yahoo/Gmail accounts was not affected.

The same is true about your usage of internet, but here situation is a little bit more complex because there is no guarantee that after Snowden revelation people do not try to distort their browsing provide, It is pretty easy to do using any programmable keyboard, or a scripting language and Expect-like module.

I can see why Brazil and Germany are now concerned about NSA activities.

Many people now understand why Facebook users should be .

Facebook is nothing but an intelligence database about their users. So it is users data is what Facebook actually sells.

Who at one time has access to highest level of US security clearness and all respective briefing and DNS signing that it entails.

As a result of this blunder on October 7, 2016, Wiki Leaks started to publish thousands of emails reportedly retrieved from Podesta's private Gmail account, some of which contained controversial material regarding Clinton's positions or campaign strategy.

Your real account should always be the account on one of small ISP on your own domain, and possibly using special DNS server.