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How do we protect ourselves from online dating matchmaking

" I declared, trying not to blush as I glanced back over to see that at some point Lash had done away with just about everything but the apron. " I declared, and Lash smiled as she started to lift the edge of the apron up to…"Dresden-kun?

' 'My imaginary friend has started to say and do things that aren't real?

'""Master should cease his useless prattling, and enjoy the tea while it is still warm," Lash sniffed haughtily, and I gave her a flat look as she began pouring from the fancy pot into one of the delicate looking cups."Lash…" I began, before sighing and deciding that I should support her new hobbies to the best of my abilities.

Knowing it was pointless but proceeding anyway, I put the cup to my lips. Not buying it."She was a creature older than time who had led thousands to their damnation.

"And no, no matter what everyone says, me and Sona and Tsubasa are not currently engaged in kinky threesomes." Then I shook my head in minor disbelief.

""But Master," Lash smiled at me seductively, playing with the edges of the apron. Tsubaki was standing there, looking at me very carefully, and I realized that I still had one hand up as though holding the teacup which had also vanished, and my other hand had dragged the coat over me as I had started to put it over my eyes.

Then I realized that I had been talking with Lash out loud, due to my supposed solitude."How long were you there?

That's mildly ridiculous, but I had said to myself back when I started, 'Gabe, this chapter is going to the end of book 4, one way or the other! "You mock my goals, but when I stand firm atop a mountain of sewing machines, the depleted spools of thread strewn about in unmatched carnage, we shall see who has the last laugh.""Oh, I liked that one," I complimented her, grinning despite my attempt at maintaining brevity.