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We are taking few measures to save ourselves from the fall and ruinous fate once we go over the edge." @Rep Andy Biggs AZ #Wash Times Op Ed ULQt #Injustice30stories: Russia has imprisoned human right activist Ferat Sayfullayev in Crimea on false charges for over 3 years; separated from his wife and 3 young children – send him home now!

So proud of my son Spencer-graduating a top 5 business school in the country (UT-Austin) in 3 years!

Not a single rejection from the 25 top law schools he applied to.

All we ask in return for a free service is that you visit the coffee venues advertised on the site whenever possible and tell your friends and colleagues about us. feedback from our members: "Excellent site, excellent members, excellent service" "I like your site, I think it's a good idea and well executed" "..thanks and congratulations - a good site - seem to attract great people" "Thanks for a great web site...

Dating has become an endless swipe of photos -- a place for ghosting and being ghosted.

To us, that isn't really dating, that's a huge waste of time.

With #Ladies Choice, we are giving women more control of their dating experience.

Over the last 4 years, we came to realize that men and women have very different styles of dating and that the best dating experience for everyone is offered through a differentiated service for men and women.