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Men dating older women pros and cons

The base contains vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cedarwood. First impressions: I have supposedly a 2012 version but I don't have any other iterations to compare to. The only difference between the two is Gold is minty-pear vanilla and Le Male is cinnamon-mint vanilla.

The nose, Francis Kurkudjian, has built a respectable reputation in parfumary world and created his own label (I think today he's a part of LVMH group), starting from Le MALE.

Regretted buying this one, bought just because they were on sale and they wanted to clear the stock of the christmas edition.

Ooh, it's amazing what effect personal preference has!

It has my favorite note, vanilla, featured very prominently.

Yet, it's not a feminine vanilla, which is kind of hard to pull off with something sweet like vanilla.

Now, after 23 years of it's launching date, Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes turn around one word ..... There are 30-40 editions holding the same DNA of the original one ......... I understand it might be for a commercial issue (or I'm sure it is), but well, JPG pretends the originality which is strongly missd in his perfumes.

Peace It starts clean and fresh like you were in the shower and dryed your hair and then get out of closet with just shirt half naked , after it dries down a little bit it gets so manly that no fragrance i smelled have been its like a man sexy man breath that wants to have sex with you something , the lavender definitely shines when it dries down also the vanilla too , at the start you feel the mint and clean smell but after it dries it gets so sexy on a man that no fragrance that i had make me like omg its so sexy , Somethign close as sexy as La Nuit De L homme but a lil better overall .

I noticed the color of the bottle reminded me of Versace Eros. I do only use two sprays and get 7-10 hours from it.