Start Nasty send nudes chat free no credit car

Nasty send nudes chat free no credit car

So the site itself sends you fake emails, which if you want to read, you need to be a paying member. Well, fast-forward to now, he got even me a car, pays my bills and overall, i good and generous man.

They ask you for your online banking informations OR want to send you money but then you have to send that money to one of their associates because they dont have time. If a sugar daddy doesn't want to meet prior to discsing arrangement run like hell. Etc I've had it all and seen it all on this one site as I stated in my title RUN save yourself some time.

They prey on an idea that you I looking for a lavish lifestyle provided by a real sugardaddy counting on the idea will do anything for it...

99% of men who contact you from this website are scammers.

They give you their phone number in the first exchange, if you check the area code, and the city they supposedly are from, it is NEVER the right combo. This website is everything that all of the reviewers stated who rated it one because there wasn't a negative one available to select. but the same bio stating something along the lines stating " I want a honest baby that don't have trust issues." Hahaha which is laughable in itself since they are scam artists!!

I was not into him because it seems he wanted a prostitute. Or let me know if I can get you anything I want to take the best care of you.

Luckily I didnt mention I needed anything, but Lo and behold he offered to send money, sad to say I got excited!

Long story short, he claim to have sent $5,000 and I need to pay $500 to collect it as it is a new company and they are not established yet. Similar story about being in Russia military blah blah blah, I have no idea how I didnt find this site before to read the reviews.

I didnt send a dollar, the streets didnt raise no fool. Simmons, he sent a ton of pictures, the money transfer is NSI money transfer, the pricks even had a fake website and also a tracking number and so much other things to really get you to believe their scam.

But he was real and did have money, even though I didn't ask for it. I started a new account, they kept deleting appropriate pics, yet they'll let you keep inappropriate ones up.

I just wanted to make sure he was real before it went any further. I hate how the developer thought it would be cool to have a email blast on the site for "potential" match yet those "people" didn't men to send them to any and everyone.

They when you call them on their BS they want to get sassy with you!