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Paratrooper wings dating

Each contract had several alterations from the previous one.

My WWII Impression is that of a an S-2 from the 506th Parachute Infantry (101st Airborne), specialising on the time period from the jump into Holland through the Battle of Bastogne and to the end of the war.

This page features brief descriptions of just some of the equipment and weapons used by the US Army Paratrooper in WWII.

They had a “normal” fit, as opposed to the baggy appearence of most field jackets.

On the other hand, 370C’s came in both cuts since the amendment came down in the middle of the production run.

There were four different specifications of M43 made during WWII.

The specification is 370, with a letter suffix indicating the contract.

All 370D and 370E jackets were marked “Pattern B” on their spec labels.

This allowed quartermasters to differentiate between the jackets when issuing them.

The purpose of this knife pocket was to hold the M2 Knife – or similar private purchase knife – and it would be attached to a lanyard.

Its purpose was to cut the parachute harness or risers in entangled in a tree.

The first production batch, contracted in July 1943 was 370B.