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Paul janka dating tips

This is why the best day-game approaches are ones that are gradual, gentle, and unfold organically. If you’ve done things right, it’s not unreasonable to be making out with a girl 30 minutes after you’ve met her in a bar.

Which is fine when it is stuff you want, but what about when it is NOT? That’s why I decided to run an experiment with my client.

An experiment that would renew his faith in the process of manifestation and his ability to create something from nothing.

And you can’t change your outer world until you MODIFY your inner digital world. You are a ALWAYS reinforcing whatever you put your attention on because your attention creates your reality.

When you focus on everything that his happening outside of you, you get more of what is OUT THERE.

This is worsened by being with a group of girlfriends who are all dressed that way and constantly validate each other’s “sexiness” by telling one another, successfully get noticed through attention-whoring, and then repeatedly reject guys who are fawning attention on them.

With every rejection, her confidence climbs higher. During the day, this form of “night courage” is greatly diminished, even if a girl is well dressed.

What you get instead is a greater suspiciousness toward strangers and reluctance to engage in conversation.