Start Randomaccessfile updating

Randomaccessfile updating

This means data can be directly manipulated from a array cached in "core" using transput (stdio) routines.

Also, this example is using a view on the whole file, but it's possible to create a smaller view.

This works with text files, but fails with binary files that contain NUL characters.

Note: This code goes beyond simply specifying the file to open.

The only way to read binary files is to use the HEX keyword to convert the entire file to a hexadecimal string. File returns a tuple: is successful or if unsuccessful.

Direct_IO first allocates a copy of the read object on the stack inside Ada. You can use -gnat W8 in Ada 2005 mode to use UTF-8 characters in identifier names.

In official ALGOL 68 a file is composed of pages, lines and characters, however for ALGOL 68 Genie and ELLA ALGOL 68RS this concept is not supported as they adopt the Unix concept of files being "flat", and hence contain only characters.

There is no builtin method for handling different encodings, but demo\edita handles all such files with ease, including the nifty little encoding drop-down on the open/close dialog.