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Ray lewis dating patti labelle

The Discovery Interplanetary Spaceship – the ship that housed the team of astronauts (along with the infamous HAL 9000 computer) on their secret mission to Jupiter.

Kubrick, who insisted on complete realism for the sets, spacesuits and spaceships needed for a project he and Clarke were collaborating on called and Lange’s artwork is that it represented blueprints for the future, and a lot of what was predicted became real.

Clavius Moonbase – ground plans, landing platforms, Lunar Docking Vehicles, the Tycho Cave Site and research base and other Lunar vehicles.

The Monolith – the key element in the film’s narrative.

Space Suits with Helmets – integral to the authenticity of all astronaut scenes, these designs drew heavily on Lange’s time at NASA.“Lange’s illustrations are stunning to look at, and as you take them in you realize that they represent a kind of guided dreaming,” says Kabrich.