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Saudi arabia dating rules

Riyadh also often gets hit by major sandstorms, which really plays a number on the sinuses and allergies.

At about one million residents, I found it a little too small for my likes.

There are many outer suburbs which add to the population, but the city looks rather decentralized.

It is also across the sea from Egypt and the entire African peninsula, so it is a great spot from which one can travel.

Jeddah is also a coastal city, and although going to public beaches in swimwear is forbidden, you can drive to one of the many private beaches and enjoy a “normal” day out at the beach.

One of the reasons why they pay so much is that it is indeed a highly conservative country, far more than most people can handle. But after a long stint there, I want to share a list of best cities in Saudi Arabia which can help expats cope with the ultra-conservative laws, and hopefully enjoy their stay. Some of them are downright tough to live in–but when compared to other cities in Saudi Arabia, they are far more pleasant.

I don’t mean to make the kingdom sound so harsh, it really is all about what you make of it.

It is only a few hours away from the coastal city of Jeddah, and offers a decent amount of teaching jobs.

Medina is a religious place and is meant for those looking to immerse themselves in Saudi Arabian or Muslim culture.

It is a definite welcome relief to the rigid rules across the bridge.

Since getting Saudi visitor visas for friends is a little hard, you can get them to stop over in Bahrain and spend quality time together–which is a big plus.

There are many reasons why an expat would want to move to Saudi Arabia, the most notable being the ability to earn a very high, untaxed income.