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I agreed and went to wash my hands and when I returned I kneeled down next to Randy and took doggy cock in my hand.

I was so excited I could hardly concentrate on my work all day and when it was finally over I went to the store and bought a few thing for the evening ahead.

We did give him some attention but he was aroused, I guess he could sense our sexual intentions because he had an erection but I didn’t think Christine was ready for that so I didn’t draw her attention to it. your poor boy is horny”“I’m sorry babe, I’ll take him to the other room” I offered“Shame, don’t let him be alone like that”“If I don’t then he’ll get so horny I’ll have to sort him out.

It gets quite painful when he has a hard-on for too long and I can’t just leave him like that”“Does it happen often?

With the first kiss out of the way we were now being even more open with each other and making arrangements for our next date.

Christine and I did a lot of kissing that night and Randy was feeling a little left out, he started whimpering to get our attention.

Her name is Christine and she is 23 years old, 5’9”, 130 lbs.

and she has blue eyes, long brown hair and 34-DD breasts.

Since I joined Jen and Emma’s K9 Sex Club, I have seen and done everything imaginable with my Boxer Randy, with other dogs in our club and their owners.