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Numerical Recipes Electronic puts the full content of the Numerical Recipes book onto your computer screen, along with with many extras.

Numerical Recipes Code is the C computer code from the Numerical Recipes book in machine readable form (or legacy code in other computer languages from earlier editions).

It is ready to be included in a user's own programs.

The electronic book can be accessed here, and machine-readable code can be downloaded here. Individual subscribers to Numerical Recipes Electronic who also own the book, can now convert their subscriptions to "lifetime" subscriptions.

You can use Numerical Recipes to extend MATLAB, sometimes giving huge speed increases. (More info here, or go here to subscribe right now.) NR readers may enjoy the Opinionated Lessons in Statistics, webcasts by NR author William H. Readers looking for the efficient Kemeny-Young preference aggregation routine can find it here.

(This is not an official contest -- we're just feeling Facebook-friendly.) Check regularly at this link to see if you're a winner. High-quality translations of our version 3.04 C code have been contributed by a Numerical Recipes user. This is an alpha pre-release, so please give feedback on the forum.

They are available to all other licensed Numerical Recipes users. You can call Numerical Recipes routines (along with any other C code) from Python. You can put live links to specific pages of the Numerical Recipes book into your web pages, or relevant Wikipedia articles, or anywhere else that has URL hyperlinks. Our latest downloadable code product is for users, scholars, or just fans, of legacy computer languages.

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