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Std adult dating

I was bedridden for four weeks, unable to go to the bathroom unless I was in a tub of water (and even still the pain left me crying), sitting and lying on ice packs at all hours of the day, and racked with a 104-degree fever.

Not only that, but a culture's accuracy decreases dramatically after the first 48 hours of the sores’ initial appearance, according to the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA).

My culture swab was taken four days after the sores appeared, causing my doctor to believe it could have produced inaccurate results.

She encouraged me to get retested at my next outbreak.

Nevertheless, whatever I had was absolutely excruciating.

The reality is, herpes is more of a nuisance than a life-ending problem.

If you manage it, are open with your partners, you quickly discover that living and dating with herpes is virtually the same as without it. The medical community's conflicting methods of testing, and advice for those of us with it, has convinced everyone to think it’s the biggest problem.

My second round of blood results come back positive for Herpes Type 2.

But given my lack of outbreaks (zero in the eight months since my initial diagnosis) and prior negative results, this see-sawing of results still wasn't conclusive enough to earn me a prescription for Valacyclovir, a daily medication that when used in conjunction with condoms reduces the risk of transmission to partners to 1.9%, according to medical studies conducted on patients with recurrent outbreaks.

For the next eight months, I'd be on a roller coaster of suffering through a painful viral outbreak, several conflicting diagnoses, and learning first-hand the ugly stigmas surrounding one of the the most prevalent STDs on the planet.

A week after my doctor's visit, I got the results of my tests.

The tests themselves are also inaccurate; failing to detect up to 25% of "true positive" cases.