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Validating meaning

If you aren't yet familiar with the TMS approach, the following article provides a quick introduction.

The company is distinguished by its possession of its own distribution network, with its related infrastructure for its Sub Business Units (SBU’s), that cover the landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. Vision To maintain its leadership position in distribution of Tyres & Batteries in the CIS Countries, Middle East & African markets Mission To maintain our customer loyalty which can be achieved through honest & trustful relationships and to supply them with high quality products at reasonable prices and by ensuring the availability of products at all times.

The following clip is a talk I gave at the 2012 TMS conference. Etc.) (The talk was geared toward psychologists, so feel free to disregard any terms you’re unfamiliar with.

It addresses why it can be so hard to fully accept the TMS diagnosis and what you can do to overcome these barriers. Also, don’t be confused by the term PPD, it’s just a fancy way of saying TMS.) See if you can identify your conditioned responses.

Miracles of Mindbody Medicine It all starts with acceptance.