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Who is alexis dziena dating

She had really serious accusations against her parents but she failed and her plea was denied.

There was a one season show called “Invasion” in which she had also played a major role although it went almost unnoticed due to the short lifetime of the show.

The show that brought her most of the “fame” was “Entourage” on the HBO in 2009.

Although the reason for those fights with her parents seem unorthodox to the “regular Joe”, accusing her parents that they want to kill her for her money are pretty serious.

She stated:”I fear that he (her dad) will do anything to get my money in his hands.

He claimed in 2014 that Alexis came to his doorstep with a bag of clothes ready to move in.

He refused to let her in and she threatened him with cops. The rest of her life is completely unknown to press, and we don’t even know the names of her ex-boyfriends or does she even has a boyfriend right now.

In one of the interviews which came out just after the rumors had been published, her ex-ex boyfriend tried to assure everyone that nothing was true.