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Who is jessica lange dating

And you know I've had romances with what you'd call famous men, and none compare to Sam in terms of maleness."Overall, Shepard funneled his tumultuous love life into his creative work.

Artistic young Jessica had already encountered so many places and people in the process that she would know many things that her age teens wouldn’t even have idea about.

Anyway, in-depth details of her present to past relationships aren’t disclosed to the media.

They fell in love while Jessica was just 18 and Paco was 24 – (1967).

Clearly, their relationship got deeper because they both praised art and shared travelling interests.

Mikhail and Jessica’s daughter Alexandra was born in the year 1981 as well.

After Mikhail, Jessica dates playwright and actor Sam Shepherd after shortly dating actor Bob Fosse.

And, she has publicly disclosed that she is a victim of depression.