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Www dating bucket org

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces Bucket is jealous when he learns that Kelly is going to the school dance with a popular senior he thinks is a jerk.

Bucket & Skinner enter the contest and win, but when Bucket realizes he accidentally submitted the love song called Lady Brown Hair (brown hair, referring to Kelly when it was really supposed to be "Soap" the soap song).

Ashley Argota confirmed on July 5, 2012 that Nickelodeon has cancelled the show with several episodes yet to air in the United States; however all episodes were broadcast in other countries.

On December 22, 2012 Teen Nick aired the previous never before seen Christmas episode.

Bucket and Skinner sneak into Aloe's party disguised as girls named Lady Gaga (Bucket) and Beyoncé (Skinner) but they forget to bring a change of clothes and Sven likes Beyoncé.